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Home VPS Guide August Results: +225 pips, 45% on capital (bad month so far).

    My name's John Campbell and I've been developing trading systems for over 20 years. This is my easiest and best, developed from Rich Lazy Trader. There are three main problems with trading. The first is we have to watch the charts all day, the second is we get stopped out by relatively small movements and the third is news releases wipe us out. Daily Trade eliminates the first and second and greatly reduces the third problem because we need only check the charts once a day and we trade mostly Commodities over a longer period for more pips (Forex is less reliable).

 Daily Trade has developed into the better due to poor Forex conditions.

    Trading just oil, gold and silver from the 9th January to 9th August gave 33 trades and 26 wins (over 78% success rate). Trading recommended Lot sizes with $5,000 capital, that's about $32,000 clear profit or over $4,500 a month. Add in the USD/JPY and we get another over $5,500 bringing us up to over $5,000 a month and exceeding our target 100% pm.

Note that trading one full Lot with $5,000 is possible but risky and better to trade half that size to give 50% a month very safely.

    On average, we trade with a 50 pip Stop Loss but these are user adjustable with an optional trailing which is stop not used for daily trading . The software is tied to your account number only but lasts forever. Fully illustrated pdf guide, Daily Trade Expert Advisor, two indicators and one click setup template file included. There is an option to upgrade to full autotrading for $49 which is detailed in the guide.

    Minimum $500 capital to trade 0.1 Lots. Seven day refund guarantee - email me NOT PayPal, please!

All the best and good trading, John Campbell August 2017

Note: Windows and MetaTrader Required


Daily Trade has developed into the fully automated due to relatively poor Forex performance.

Recommended Brokers - choose ECN and 1:500 Leverage. Forex Time can be Swap free (inside your back office)

Trader's Way offers US clients the same conditions as the rest of the world. Unregulated but 100% trustworthy.

Daily Trade The Best and Easiest Forex Trading System